Plain and simple - the world seeks to take God out. We are bold enough to put Him back in, and we would love to have you do it with us.



We are David and Angelike Norrie. Authors. Speakers. Podcasters. Life Strategists. Entrepreneurs. Marketers. But what we really want to say is we are a family much like you. We’re not pastors or self proclaimed gurus. We simply wanted to find prosperity without costing us, our marriage, peace or God-given identity. So we did, and now we want to create the community that honors the Kingdom and creates a revival in the marketplace. So, Let’s turn on the light and add salt.

Social Proof


You have to go. It’s being able to connect with a group of people that have the same passion and belief system that you do - and in that, a better version of you comes out. It has nothing to do with speaking - it has everything to do with what is poured into you.

Eric M.

Business Entrepreneur


David possesses the ability to slow time down to get you to be more present in your Spirit, Mind and Heart and essentially then; more present in what we were created for in the first place, relationships.

Natasha N.

Founder Redefining Refuge


Going through this process has been so freeing. I am learning so much about myself, and how I can serve at a higher level. Thank you!

Jodie E.

Entrepreneur, Network Markter


It was because of this man and his ministry with his wife I had the courage to surrender my western medicine carrier to Jesus.

Stephanie G.

Integrative Practitioner


I never felt more of a Godly push to a new level of leadership as I do right now. I am beyond grateful for these two and all they have poured into me the last couple of years. They have helped me find the light switch on my gifts and have placed a major role in my growth.

Brittany P.

The DIY Mama Creations


You can’t put a price on it. It is coaching 1-on-1. You get held accountable, you have to show up, and you have to deliver. And when someone makes you uncomfortable like that- usually there is a big finish - a big payoff, and makes it all worth it.

Tom E.

Retired Football Coach

Break the silence

Step into your calling

In today's world, it's easy to get lost in the noise of trends and distractions. But true leadership requires a bold, truth-telling vision. If you're ready to step into your calling, break the silence, and mold the marketplace in alignment with God's purpose, then Turned On Live is the event for you.